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Contacting Me
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New Enquiries
You can give me a new enquiry by:
  • Calling me on 08707 571 571
  • Faxing me on 08707 571 573
  • Completing an enquiry form on my web site
  • Completing a quotebuster form on my web site (only if you have had a firm quote, please)
  • Sending an email to Enquiries@HolidayBargains.org
If you need a quick response, the best option is to call me. In 9 cases out of 10 I will be able to process your enquiry and give you a quote immediately. Please note that, particularly at peak periods, there can be a delay in generating a quote when contacted by other methods.
Existing Enquiries & Bookings
For all matters relating to existing enquiries or bookings:
To help me, please always quote your enquiry reference number.
Mailing Lists
For all matters relating to my mailing lists: Please be sure to check the Mailing List Faq first to see if it can answer your question.
Web Site
For all matters, comments or suggestions relating to my web site:
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