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I am an independent ABTA bonded Personal Travel Advisor operating NATIONWIDE from my office in the Midlands, serving both business and leisure clients.

I believe that customer service in the UK travel industry can leave a lot to be desired and have built my business by providing an excellent personal service to my clients (and wonderful prices too :-)). My client base includes people from every walk of life including high profile celebrities. Many clients have been with me for many years.

In this day and age of instant internet bookings and 'conveyor belt' attitudes to customers, I believe that there is still a need for personal customer service. [Does your favourite 'on-line' reservation system advise you about cheaper or more suitable alternatives, warn you about nearby building work or take into account your personal circumstances when finding you a holiday? Do you trust it to put your needs first?]

I do, of course, recognise that the convenience of on-line booking is an important requirement for many people. For this reason, I also offer some on-line booking facilities on this site.  However, I will always provide an unrivalled personal customer service off-line, searching for the very best deals matching my clients' personal requirements. It is also worth noting that, off-line, I have access to many more products, services, prices and reservation systems.

I value independence highly. For this reason, I partner with Future Travel (part of the Co-op group), who are not owned by a tour operator unlike many of the 'High Street' agents. I deal with thousands of operators, consolidators, airlines and other suppliers and don't just limit myself to the major players or those that pay the best commission. I will source products and services from any supplier who is reliable and gives me what you want and I have the knowledge and experience to know where to look and what to ask for.

With over 30 years experience in the travel business, my priority is ALWAYS to find you the right holiday (or flight or hotel etc) at the best price, and I will take whatever time is necessary to do that, whether you are looking for a week in Benidorm, a weekend break in Edinburgh, a flight to Timbuktu or a 6 month world tour. That way, I hope, you'll come back to me for more of the same.

I give you these guarantees:

If you book a package holiday with me, you will NEVER pay the Tour Operator's quoted price.

I will NEVER try to sell you anything unless I believe it is suitable for your needs.

I will ALWAYS take the time necessary to find you the best deal that I can.


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